2019 Hikes

July 2019 hikes

July 6, 2019, Sat. – North Menan Butte: It has been 3-4 years since we have hiked North Menan Butte. The North butte (There is a southern, privately owned butte) is recognized as a National Natural Landmark and Research Natural Area. The two buttes occupy an area where the ancestral Snake River flowed but was diverted when the buttes began to form. The hike will be to the top of the north butte, approximately 800 feet, and then around the rim. There are story boards discussing the butte features and the views of the countryside are fantastic. Prior to the hike please contact Sam Pole at 208-520-3630, or text, if you plan to hike. Meet at Fred Meyer-McDonald’s parking lot at 9 am or at the trail head at 9:45am.
July 20, 2019, Sat. – Ashton-Tetonia Rail-Trail: Lets do something a little different this day. Instead of hiking, lets ride bikes from Ashton to the Fall River trestle bridge on the Ashton-Tetonia Rail-Trail. The round-trip is approximately 7.2 miles along an old rail route so the grade is gentle. The Fall River trestle is 369 feet long and built in 1915. This outing will introduce you to the rail-trail which has a total distance of approximately 31 miles and numerous other trestle bridges. Prior to the outing, please contact Sam Pole at 208-520-3630, or text. Meet at the Fred Meyer-McDonald’s parking lot at 8:30 am.

Submitted by: Sam Pole
6/27/119 1:09 pm

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