Local Trail Maps

Maps of Popular Palisades, Teton, Dubois and Westside Ranger District Trails
showing all trails and their legal uses

Club "mapper" Alan Crockett has provided some wonderful maps of legal trail uses for several USFS Ranger Districts. These maps are the ONLY maps that combine ALL legal trail uses into one location. The map legend (see image below) shows the trail uses and provides instructions of how to print sections of the maps using Adobe Acrobat.

The overall map also shows in dashed outline the popular areas. Popular area maps are linked below the overall map of each overall area for your convenience.
Note: Clicking on a link below will open a new tab or browser window and load the file into your browser. You may have to allow popups to view these PDF files.

Please email Alan at abcrock.fu73573@msn.com your comments. With enough encouragement he may expand similar mapping into other trails and Ranger Districts.

Palisades-Teton Ranger Districts

Palisades-Teton Trails Overall Map (~11 MB)

Palisades-Teton Detailed Maps
Alaska Basin and Table Mountain
Bear Creek Trail
Big Elk Creek Trail
Burns Creek Area Trails
Darby Canyon Area Trails
Dead Horse Ridge Area Trails
Echo Canyon Area Trails
Fogg Hill Area Trails
Horseshoe Canyon Area Trails
Moose Creek-Taylor Mountain Area
North-South Indian Creek Trails
Palisades Creek Trails
Pine Creek Creek Area Trails
Rainey Creek Area Trails
Thousand Springs to Garns Mountain
Wolverine Creek Area Trails

Dubois Ranger District

Dubois Ranger District Overall Trail Map (9.6MB)

Dubois Detailed Maps
Dubois-Eightmile Canyon
Dubois-Signal Peak
Dubois-Stoddard Creek Area
Dubois-Trail Creek
Dubois-Webber Creek

Westside Ranger District
The following four maps cover the overall area
Topence/Pebble Basin Area
Elkhorn Mountain Area
Oxford/Clarkston Area
Overall Mink Creek Area

Westside Detailed Maps
Gibson Jack/Slate Mountain (Mink Creek Area)
Scout Mountain (Mink Creek Area)

Maps of Other Popular Trails
(These maps show all trails and indicate their legal uses.)

Menan Butte
Warm River Springs Trails
Targhee Creek Area

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