Mountain Biking Maps

Mountain Biking West of Idaho Falls

Below you can download a couple of maps showing mountain biking opportunities just west of Idaho Falls. They show an area that has been proposed to the City as a mountain bike park. The City likes the idea and is considering it. If the concept moves forward. it may take a couple of years before it becomes a reality.

In the meantime this area already offers some fun riding near town.

Proposed Mountain Biking Trails

Satellite Image Map of Trails
Topographic Map of Trails

Other Mountain Biking Trails near Idaho Falls

Ashton-Tetonia Trail (Revised February 2014)
Kelly Canyon Area Mountain Bike Trails
Kelly Canyon- Recommended Route 1, Fish Creek Loop
Kelly Canyon - Recommended Route 2, Webster Dam/Waterfall Loop
Kelly Canyon Recommended - Route 3, Cow Path Loops
City Creek Management Area Trail System

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