Policies and Procedures


The following policies have been extracted from council actions over the past several years. These policies are documented in the minutes of the Idaho Alpine Club Council.

  • A coordinators’ handout shall be created to familiarize new activity coordinators with their responsibilities.

  • An equipment inventory, including storage location, shall be made at the beginning and the end of each season, with the results being submitted by the Activity Coordinators to the IAC secretary.

  • Coordinators need to set calendars for spring and summer type activities and turn them in by May. They need to set calandars for fall and winter activities and turn them in by September.

  • When a trip requires fees such as for rafting or advance deposits such as for lodging, trip participants should pay the club and not the coordinator. The club will then pay the expenses.

  • Non-member program presenters shall receive a $25.00 honorarium. If there is more than one presenter, the honorarium shall be divided among them.

  • Member program presenters shall receive a free club t-shirt.

  • The club president can authorize expenditures up to $25.00 without prior council approval. Similarly, the club treasurer can pay $25.00 honorariums to speakers without prior council approval. All other expenditures must have prior council approval. All expenditures will be funded from general club revenues with the exception that, after $100 in rafting expenditures have been incurred in a calendar year, any additional rafting expenditures shall come out of the rafting fund.

  • When answering e-mails sent to the club, send blind copies of the reply to the appropriate council members or coordinators so that they know how the e-mail has been handled. (Webmaster note: The club general email address is info@IdahoAlpineClub.org.)

  • Council members will attempt to personally welcome at least one guest at each monthly meeting.

  • Council members will contact non-renewing members each year to remind them to renew their memberships and ask if they are dissatisfied with the club in any way.

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